Aleksandra Kabakova is an internationally known artist and illustrator who lives in St Petersburg, Russia. Since 2008 works as freelance artist on worldwide commissions, including books and magazines illustrations. "Working primarily with pen, ink, pencil and watercolour, the sensitive, young creative's art is both simplistic and involved - utilising basic shapes and line work to create patterned, black and white graphic works. At times her imagery feels melancholic but devoid of cynicism, then carefree & playful whilst always distinctly feminine and delicate". James Watkins "In my works I would like to show an emotional perception of a glimpse of a life span, its mood and atmosphere. It can be an emotional splash or a total quietness and melancholy, when the wind has abated and all around has stood. I believe that not only people have emotions, but also all the things around us. Slow movement of clouds, shades of trees, soaring of birds, falling of a raindrop, old boats, houses, street lights, electric mains, branches of trees, snag trees and blades of grass create their own special mood of the moment. We can feel their loneliness, sadness, expectation and hope that fleeting mood of a moment which I want to capture". Aleksandra Kabakova

  • Exhibitions and events

    2016 Contour, Kurgan Best Fest 2016, St, Petersburg, Russia
    2015 Virtual Biennale Prague 2015, Galerie Altan Klamovka, Prague, Czech Republic
    2015 Contour, KURGAN BEST FEST 2015, St, Petersburg, Russia
    2014 Prague International Art & Design Exhibition, Galerie Altan Klamovka, Prague, Czech Republic
    2014 Independent Art Festival V(O)LNY, Okna, The Finnish gulf, St. Petersburg, Russia
    2013 The Femail Project, The ARTicle Gallery, City University, Birmingham, UK
    2013 Collage Battle Exhibition on Ahmad Tea Music Festival (Hot Chip, Alt-J, Citizens and more), Hermitage Garden, Moscow, Russia
    2013 Video-presentations of ARINA's paintings showcased on a big screen during her solo exhibition "ARINA - The Theatre of One Artist", 20 Century Theatre London, UK
    2013 The Sketchbook Project Traveling Exhibition, USA

    • Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn - 1-3 March
    • Co-Lab Project Space, Austin - 8-10 March
    • MASS Collective, Atlanta - 15-17 March
    • The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto - 7-9 June
    • Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago - 12-14 July
    • Cleaners at the Ace Hotel, Portland - 19-21 July
    • S.F Center for the Book, SF - 26-28 July

    2013 International Art & Design Exhibition, Up Gallery, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
    2012 Prague International Art & Design Exhibition, Galerie Altan Klamovka, Prague, Czech Republic
    2012 The Sketchbook Project Exhibition, The Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY, USA
    2011 Prague International Art & Design Exhibition, Galerie Altan Klamovka, Prague, Czech Republic
    2011 URBAN 2011 - Photography and Art Exhibition, International Center for Theoretycal Physics, Trieste, Italy
    2011 URBAN 2011 - International Preview Group Exhibit, Lokator, Cracow, Poland
    2011 Lecture: Aleksandra Kabakova's Art, Lecture for students by Abdennabi Ketouy, graphic arts teacher College Omar Ibn Al Khattab, Berkane, Morocco
    2010 Prague International Art & Design Exhibition, Galerie Altan Klamovka, Prague, Czech Republic
    2010 Artist's Portraits, Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France
    2007 1st E-mail & Design Biennale, International exhibition of art and design, Galerie Altan Klamovka, Prague, Czech RepubliC

  • Publications

    Art Attacks!
    PinkBus interview
    Artbook mania, issue #10(10) March, p. 5
    Pocketful Illustration Magazine, issue 11
    Pocketful Illustration Magazine, issue 9
    FEATURING, issue 4, p.52-54
    Artflow Magazine, issue 12, p. 4-8
    Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Book Vol 1, p.40-41
    'Time Out' Magazine, St. Petersburg #2(240), p. 81
    Pocketful Illustration Magazine, Issue 7
    Spoonful Magazine, issue #8
    'Time Out' Magazine, St. Petersburg #25(237), p. 150
    Sideroom - 08

  • Education

    1992-2000 Art School (Kurgan, Russia)
    2001 Art Courses of the Union of Designers of Russia (Kurgan, Russia)
    2002-2007 The St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts (St. Petersburg, Russia) Speciality Information Management