1979 - Born in Khabarovsk, Russia
2004 - Graduated with a Fine arts degree from Dordt College, USA
Now lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Since her early childhood Tanya has been influenced by art and literature. First her father is a well known artist and print maker . Second, she loves to read: Books give me so many ideas, and emotional excitement that I need to pour them out somewhere. Art serves as best means for that purpose. When I was a student, nothing was better for me than to come back from school, pick-up a book, cover myself with a warm blanket, and read, read, read. Books transport me to other countries, other times. I can live through different experiences and feel different emotions. It helps me to develop my imagination and provides a lot of inspiration in art. Tanya was born in Khabarovsk, Russia in 1979. This is right along the Chinese border. When she was a young child her family moved to Kaliningrad at the opposite end of Russia--on the Polish border. She studied at Kaliningrad University for three years and then went on to complete her fine arts degree at Dordt College in Iowa in 2004. Tanya is now married living with her family in Montreal, Canada. Ms. Miller likes to experiment and try new things, so her artwork is very different. Some concepts are just playful, some allegorical and others have deep, personal meaning. But whatever she makes, Tanya relates to an emotion or mood. Her ideas come from the subconscious. First she visualizes the image, then transfers them into her sketchbook. Sometimes she can sit for hours on the sofa just daydreaming about the concept. When she comes up with the idea she sketches out the image. Tanya calculates that only one out of 20 ideas in her sketchbook will actually come to life.

  • Exhibitions

    Tanya Miller has had her work exhibited in several galleries in the United States and abroad.

    Iowa College Salon XXIII, Brunnier Art Museum, Iowa State Center, Aimes, IA
    15th Annual Works on Paper Exhibition ,McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana
    "Clown show", Charles Froelick Gallery, Portland ,OR
    Print Show Perfect Pear Gallery , Chicago , IL
    International Print exhibition Tokyo 2007
    XXXII International Exlibris Congress exhibition, Beijing , China
    "Alice in Wonderland" show , Curly Tale Gallery, Chicago, IL
    World Famous Exlibris Artists Invitational Exhibition, Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing, China
    Triennial of Graphic art, St Petersburg , Russia
    "Artists in Wonderland" EA gallery , Antwerp, Belgium
    22nd Annual small print show, at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago , IL
    "Visionaries, the art of the fantastic" QCC Art Gallery, NY
    Group printmaking show in Galerie Karin Sutter ,Basel , Switzerland
    "61 Gallery", Surrealism : Tanya Miller, Amsterdam , Netherlands
    "The paradoxes of Luis Carroll" Gallery “Nevsky prospect, St petersburg, Russia
    Exhibition "Number One" Gallery "KINO" Moscow, Russia
    Shuohai International Art Gallery, print show ,Hangu, Tianjin, China
    "Phantastische Venus" Viechtach, Germany


Tanya Miller tells us that when creating works of art it is important to her that they are meaningful, beautiful, positive and emotional.

  • Beautiful - because there is too much ugliness in today's world.
  • Meaningful - because without meaning life would be empty and worthless.
  • Positive - because positive art is my escape from the hardship of reality.
  • Emotional - because when we feel we live. Art is my past, my present and my future. It is my life.