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Arina Gordienko is an internationally acclaimed artist who is often known under her artist’s name of ‘ARINA’. ARINA has been awarded with the ‘Living Master’ Status by the Art Renewal Center (ARC) in USA, her works included to the ARC Museum, USA. Russian-born, now based in the UK, ARINA exhibits her paintings all over the world and is recognized with a number of awards in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. Her paintings were featured at venues such as Saatchi Gallery in London, Museum of Fantastic Art in Vienna, and Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna in Italy etc.

Her works are in private collections worldwide and featured in numerous publications including Reinhard Fuchs’ book ‘Masterpieces of Visual Arts - The Great Female Artists from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era’ alongside works of Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Bridget Riley etc., ‘Masters of Contemporary Fine Art’ in the UK, ‘Masters of Painting’ in the UK, ‘Strokes of Genius -4’ and ‘Strokes of Genius-6’ in USA. She studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art having graduated with Master’s Degree (MA) in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London, UK. ARINA is a full- member of Society of Women Artists in the UK, Portrait Society of America (PSA) in USA.

ARINA is passionately dedicated to the renaissance of the realistic traditions in painting and widely proclaims revival of Beauty in Art. She uses the old Masters classic ‘sfumato’ technique in her work but with her own contemporary essence. She has developed her own significant style, combining traditional classical techniques with surreal imaginative compositions and a contemporary palette.


The Art Renewal Centre (ARC) USA - Associate Living Master
The Portrait Society of America (PSA) USA - Artist Member
The Society of Women Artists (SWA) UK – Artist Member


Gall’Art Roma Art Agency (Founder Giovanna Gazzolo), Rome, Italy

Recognition & Awards

Awarded a ‘Living Master’ status at the prestigious Art Renewal Centre (ARC) in USA, 2016 ARINA works included to the ARC Museum, 2016

Winner, 2nd Place Award, Berliner Art Prize, Germany, 2016

Honorary Diploma for ‘bright and remarkable contribution in the conservation and development of the artistic values in Modern Art’, Berliner Art Prize, Germany, 2016

Finalist, Portrait Society of America Only Members Competition, USA, 2016

Finalist, The Artist's Magazine 33 Annual Art Competition, Portraits/Figures category, USA, 2016

Winner, ‘Strokes of Genius-7: Depth, Dimension and Space’, International Drawing Competition, USA, 2015 North Light judges and series editor Rachel Wolf selected the winners from a record number of over 2000 entries

Winner, 3d Place Award, ‘Outside the Box’, Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition, USA, 2014

Finalist, Art Gemini Prize, Painting category, London, UK, 2014

Finalist, BEEP International Painting Prize Biennial, Swansea, Wales, UK, 2014

Finalist, Connfuence'14 Art Contest, Gallery Art Eterne, New Deli, India, 2014

Finalist, Mortimore Art Prize, Surrealism Category, Australia, 2013

Winner, Award of Excellence, Lisa Cooper Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery Award, New York, USA, 2013

Winner, Award of Excellence, Renée Phillips Art Essay Award, New York, USA. 2013

Gold Award Winner, Master of Art International, Awards Ceremony, Mile End Art Pavilion, London, UK, 2013

Winner, 8th Showcase ARTslant Prize, Painting Category, International Juried Competition, 2013

Show Award Certificate, IAF 2013, International Art Festival, New York, USA, 2013

Special Award, OSTEN 40 World Gallery and Museum of Drawing Biennal, Skopje, Macedonia, 2012 Grand Prix for Life Achievement awarded to a legendary artist CHRISTO (USA), First Award for Concept - Vitaly Komar (USA). Award for World Cultural Heritage - Pablo Picasso. The works of winning artists will be an integral part of the OSTEN Museum of Drawing collection

2-nd Merit Award, Portrait Society of America Members Competition, ‘Outside the Box’ category, USA, 2012

4-th Merit Award, Portrait Society of America Members Competition, ‘Self-Portrait’ category, USA, 2012

Winner, 2-nd Prize at ‘Is it Fine Art? Challenging Traditions’, Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, USA, 2011

Winner. Strokes of Genius-4: Best of Drawing, Exploring Line, International Drawing Competition, USA, 2011. North Light judges and series editor Rachel Wolf selected 112 winners from a record number of 1650 entries.

Finalist (Top 10), Art of Giving Competition, SAATCHI GALLERY, London, UK, 2010 ‘Silence, Opus 3’ and ‘Beyond Time Keeper’ by ARINA were selected out of thousands of entries amongst Top 10 finalists of the Art of Giving National Art Competition in the UK. Winning works selected by a panel that includes representatives from the Tate, Frieze, Scream and FAS London, Gavin Turk, Christian Furr and Terry O'Neill.

Finalist, Arte Laguna Art Prize, Venice Arsenale, Venice, Italy, 2010

The Best Foreign Artist Mention, Arte Laguna Art Prize, Venice Arsenale, Italy, 2010

Special Prize Gagliardi Art Gallery, Arte Laguna Art Prize, Venice Arsenale, Italy, 2010

Special Prize Fiorella Pieri Contemporary Art Gallery, Arte Laguna Art Prize, Venice Arsenale, Italy, 2010

Winner, Trophy Award (Top 15), London International Creative Competition, UK, 2010 ‘Wide Shut Eyes’ series by ARINA were selected by the International Panel of 12 Judges out of 5000 submissions from 95 countries for a Trophy awarded at the LICC-2010 Award Ceremony at Soho Theatre in London.

Winner, Best of 2010, People/Today Life category, Marziart International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, 2010

Winner, EXPO-29 International Painting Competition, B.J.Spoke gallery, New York, USA, 2010 Juried by Cornelia Seckel, publisher ’The Art Times’

Winner, 6th Showcase ARTslant Prize, Painting Category, International Juried Competition, 2010

Finalist, Grant - ARTWORK International, Inc., Painting category, USA, 2010

Shortlisted (top 100), BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, UK, 2009 'Silence, Opus 3' by ARINA has been through the second round of selection for the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in 2009 among 100 works selected out of nearly 1900 submissions on the second day of judging that is the point at which the judges make their very final selection of 56 paintings for the exhibition.

Winner, MFA Now Award, International Painting Competition, Miami/New York, USA, 2009. International panel of judges included Kay Saatchi, Edward Lucie-Smith, Judy Chicago, John Miley, Victoria Lu

Winner, 1st Place Award Full Brush International Competition, New York, USA, 2009 Pen and Brush Gallery. Juried and awarded by Margaret Kelly Trombly, President of the Forbes Art Collection

Winner, 2nd Prize (out of 14.000), Portrait/Figure, The Artist’s Magazine, USA, 2009 The Artist’s Magazine’s Annual International Painting Competition boasts between 10-14.000 entries, narrowing the field to choose between 50-75 images for the final judging panel to select 6 winners in each category.

Face of ‘Art Liberating Lives’ National British Charity ‘Sue Ryder Care’, UK, 2009 Award winning painting 'Silence, Opus 1' by ARINA was chosen as Face of National British Charity Campaign

Finalist, Annual Painting Prize FRINGEMK, Milton Keynes, UK, 2009

Winner, Anthony J. Lester Art Critic Award, SWA Annual exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK, 2008 Prize awarded by Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

Winner, 1st Prize (Out of 14.000) Portrait/Figure Students category, The Artist’s Magazine, USA, 2008 International Painting Competition

Winner, Public Choice Prize, NOAC National Open Art Competition, UK, 2008 Awarded by Kay Austin at the Arts Club, Dover Street Mayfair, London

Winner, Visitor's Choice Award, Cork Street Art Competition, London, UK, 2008

Shortlisted (top 100), BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, 2008 Painting 'Angel, Portrait of Angelica' has been through the second round of selection for the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in 2008 among 100 works selected out of 1650 submissions on the second day of judging that is the point at which the judges make their very final selection of 55 paintings for the exhibition.

Shortlisted (Top 5) Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize, London, UK, 2008


2016, August - Master of Art International 2016, Selection Committee Judge, Margarita Feaks Gallery, UK

2011, 15 March - 'Art Elevator' Painting Competition Judge, Aquire Gallery, London, UK.

EXHIBITIONS (selected)

2017 - Mall Galleries - London, UK. Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition, Also – 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. Private Views Opened by SWA Patron Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

2017 – LuxArt Contemporary and Modern Art, Luxembourg

2017 - Arte Genova, Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art, Genova, Italy, also 2016, 2015

2016 - Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna, Biennale PESCAART, with Gall'Art Roma Gallery, Italy

2015 - Phantastishe Venus Biennale, Exhibition of Surrealistic Art of 70 Women Artists, curated by Reinhard Schmid, Viechtag, Germany

2015 - ITINERA Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Museum Complex of Dioscuri, Rome, Italy. Curated by Giovanna Gazzolo, Gall’Art Roma, with support of Cultural Attaché of Russian Embassy and Spanish Embassy

2014 - BEEP International Painting Prize Biennial, Old Iceland Building/Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales, UK

2014 - Master of Art International, Margarita Feaks Gallery. Participated as an Invited Guest and Gold Award Winner of the Master of Art International-2013

2014 - Gemini Art Prize exhibition, Rebecca Cossack Gallery, London, UK

2014 - Connfuence'14 Art Contest, Gallery Art Eterne, New Deli, India

2013-2014 - Mortimore Art Prize - The very best in Realism, Exhibition touring around Australia, Venues include The Scots College Anderson Hall in Sydney, St Brigids Hall in Dubbo, The Stables Gallery in Mudgee, Kinross Wolaroi School in Orange, BDAS Gallery in Bowral, Dudley House in Bendigo and others in Brisbane, Geelong, Canberra and Central Coast

2013 - SOLO-Exhibition ' ARINA-The Theatre Of One Artist’, 20th Century Theatre, London, UK, April

2013 - Master of Art International Exhibition, The Art Pavilion Gallery, London, UK

2013 - Exhibition of Awarded Artists on World Gallery of Drawing, Gallery of Art Critics (Adria Palace), Prague

2013 - Museum Sant’Oreste, Rome, Italy, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Gall’Art Roma

2013 - The Peace Project, International Art Exhibition touring around the USA. Venues include Affair of the Arts and The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City, California; Art Zone 461 in San Francisco, California; 29 Pieces in Dallas, Texas; Open House and Landmark Arts Building in Chelsea, New York

2013 - A Single Grain of Rice International Exhibition, Gallery Métanoïa, Paris, France

2013 - ‘Art That Lifts Our Spirits’, Manhattan Arts International, New York, USA

2013 - The Femail Project Exhibition, ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham, UK

2013 - Stars with Stars, Gall’Art Roma Gallery, Bacco in Tevere, Rome, Italy

2013 - 'After the Monet' group exhibition, Coningsby Gallery, London, UK

2013 - Touch of Women, International exhibition, Off the Wall Gallery, Wales, UK

2012 - Museum of Fantastic Art, Vienna, Austria, Uncommon Vision, curated by Prof. Philip Rubinov-Jacobson

2012 - Mall Galleries, London, UK, ‘Show me the Monet’ exhibition of BBC2 series

2012 - BEEP International Painting Prize, Elysium Gallery, Volcano Theatre, Wales, UK

2012 - OSTEN Award Biennial, 40 Gallery and Museum of Drawing, Skopje, Macedonia

2012 - Price Winners Show of Cork Street Open Exhibitions, Cork Street Gallery, London, UK

2012 - SOHO20 Gallery, New York, USA, 'Backlash' exhibition on women's rights

2011 - The Passion for Freedom Art Festival, UNIT24 Gallery, London, UK

2011 - Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, USA, ‘Is it Fine Art? - Exhibition Challenging Traditions’, curated by gallerist and auctioneer Kenneth Hutter and auction appraiser Jennifer Elhardt

2011 - Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, USA, Award Winners Artists

2011 - Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France, curated by artist, gallerist, art-critic Lira Kay

2010 - SAATCHI GALLERY, London, UK, ‘Art of Giving’, with Banksy, Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, Terry O’Neill, Sir Piter Blake, Steve Goddard, Leonardo Drew, Christian Furr, Alexa Meade, Breezy Bailey, Zak Ove

2010 – ‘Arte Laguna’ Art Prize International Exhibition, Venice Arsenale, Venice, Italy

2010 – ‘Legende Celebrity Art in collaboration with Art of Giving’, Mayfair Gallery, London, UK, with world famous artists and photographers Gerard Mankowitz, Terry O’Neill, Danny Clifford, Allan Warren, Gavin Turk etc.

2010 - B.J.Spoke Gallery, USA, New York, EXPO-2010, juried by Cornelia Seckel, publisher The Art Times

2010 - Cork Street Gallery, London, UK, Open Art Competition, juried by Edward Lucy-Smith, also - 2009, 2008

2010 - Marziart International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, ‘Best of 2010’ International Exhibition

2010 - Art Liberating Lives, Mall Galleries, London, UK, also - 2009, 2008

2010 - Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France, ‘Artist’s Portrait Futureproof’ International Exhibition

2010 - Occidental Dimension, Brighton University Gallery, Brighton, UK, the first of a touring show to be staged in three cities across China

2010 - The National Open Art Competition, National Festival Theatre, Chichester, UK, the panel of the judges headed by Gavin Turk, also - 2008

2009 - Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, USA, Fall Brush Exhibition, curated by Margaret Kelly Trombly, the Forbes Collection President

2009 – ‘MFA Now’ Award Winner’s Exhibition, Praxis Art International Gallery, Miami, USA, juried by the international panel of judges, including Kay Saatchi, Edward Lucie-Smith and Judy Chicago

2009 - Brick Lane Bodhi Gallery, London, UK, Condensation - The Temperature is Rising, also - 2008

2008 - The First Biennial RBSA Open Portrait Award, The RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, UK

2008 - Exhibition of Prize Winners of National Open Art Competition, The Art Club, Dover Street, London, UK

2008 - Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize, London, UK, Red Room Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

2008 - MA Fine Art Final Degree Show, London, UK, Chelsea College of Art and Design

2008 - MA Fine Art Chelsea Interim Show, London, UK, 'Nearly Me, Nearly Now, Nearly Show', Triangle Space

2008 - Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France, ‘Housewarming’ International Exhibition

2007 - XHIBIT-07 winners show, The Arts Gallery, Davies Street, London, UK, winners selected by Tom Hunter

2006 - Lethaby Gallery, London , UK, LANDMARKS, Central Saint Martins College of Art

1985 – 1993 - Variety of exhibitions in Russia including Regional Exhibitions at the State Art Museum of Zauralie

Publications (selected)

12th International ARC Salon, 2016-2017 Competition Catalogue, Art Renewal Center, USA, p. 135, August 2017

Masters of Painting by Pedro Boaventura, Art Book, published by Art Galaxy, London, UK, Hardcover, p.p.16-19, May 2017

The Artist’s Magazine, January/February 2017 issue, finalist in the Portraits/Figures category of The Artist's Magazine 33rd Annual Art Competition USA

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2016, August - ARINA was invited as a Selection Committee Judge of Master of Art International 2016 to judge and make a final selection of the Master of Art International Award-2016 Winners.

2015, June - ARINA’s Portrait Drawing Masterclass at Mall Galleries in London. UK. During the Annual SWA exhibition ARINA demonstrated her portrait drawing techniques and ‘head measuring’ method in Portrait Drawing. She shared her skills during her Portrait Drawing tutorial followed by a Life Drawing session with a model.

2014, September - The GOLD AWARD Winner of ‘Master of Art International-2013’ – ARINA was invited to open the Awards Ceremony and present Awards to the ‘Master of Art International-2014’ winners. Margarita Feaks Gallery, UK.

2014, February - Drawing by ARINA ‘External Intention’, created as a special commission, was published in Russia on the ‘Projector of Alternative Reality’ (Проектор Отдельной Реальности ) Book Cover by the legendary esoteric Russian writer Vadim Zeland, whose books translated and published in more than 20 countries around the Globe, including United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong etc.

2013, August - Painting by ARINA ‘Wide Shut Eyes-1’ was published on the Book Cover of the ‘Klip- Transerfing’ (Клип-Трансерфинг) by the world-famous esoteric Russian writer Vadim Zeland, whose books translated and published in more than 20 countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong etc. The book ‘Klip-Transerfing’ is still on the top sellers' non-fiction list.

2013, April - ARINA participated, as an invited guest, in the International Conference 'Transurfing Day' with the legendary esoteric Russian writer Vadim Zeland - author of the ‘Transurfing’ Esoteric Teaching at the Leonardo da Vinci Hotel Conference Hall in Milan, Italy. Painting by ARINA 'Shard of Time' was featured on the screen on the stage. ARINA was talking about the story behind her painting on the book cover. Vadim Zeland was talking about his new book 'Breaking the Technogenic System' followed by an autograph session.

2012, July - Painting by ARINA ‘The Shard of Time’ was published on the Book Cover of a new amazing book ‘Breaking in Technogenic System’ (‘Взлом Техногенной Системы’) by the world-famous Russian writer Vadim Zeland. His esoteric books ‘Reality Transurfing’ are hugely popular all over the globe and translated and published in more than 20 countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong etc. The ‘Transurfing’ series is on the top sellers' non-fiction list for 5 years in Russia.

2012, June - ARINA participated in the BBC2 TV programme ‘Show Me the Monet’ series in the UK with her painting ‘Silence, Opus 3’, having been selected out of more than 3000 submissions. The ‘Show Me the Monet’ series were on the National BBC2 TV during 4 weeks, followed by the Exhibition/Auction at the Mall Galleries.

2011, 27 July, 18:00 - Paintings by ARINA were featured on a big screen at the stage of the `Fundacion – Universidad I Salud ́ at Premiere of the Performance ‘DESHORAS’ in Buenos-Aires, Argentina, directed by Marcela Fernandez. Performance included Plastic Language: painting, oil, acrylic, organic sculptures, video, music. Show featured 4 other artists, Marcelo Parmet, Mariana Perez, Marcela Fernández, Ariel Gonzalo García, contemporary dancers and actors, accompanying by original music created especially for this Art Show represented by Circular 6 Orchestra from Argentina: intervening space with live improvisation, linking the musical work with the character of each artist. The key of the Performance is the diversity of expression, vector distances in Time (calling Van Eyck (1400) Bruges) with a vector-cultural-geographical distance calling an artist ARINA born in Russia, now residing in London. Showing looks and different worlds and interact all the differences.

2011, 15 March - ARINA was invited as a Judge for the 'Art Elevator' Painting Competition to – a launching pad for new artists, followed by an exhibition at the Aquire Gallery in London, UK. Art elevator was conceived as a springboard for up and coming artists.

2011, June - Drawings by ARINA participated in the Trans-Siberian Arts Centre project, exhibition travelled on the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing launched at the Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.

2010, September - ‘Wide Shut Eyes’ series by ARINA were selected by the International Panel of 12 Judges out of 5000 submissions from 95 countries for a Trophy, awarded at the 3-d London Creative Awards Ceremony (LICC- 2010) Award Ceremony at Soho Theatre in London. Each of 15 Final Selection winners received a segment of the LICC Awards Trophy (slate). When each Trophy is fit together it forms a completed piece of art work, like a jigsaw puzzle. On the 10th anniversary of LICC all the winning artists will gather together and present their altered Trophies. At that time these pieces will be united, combined, and put on display at an exhibition in London. After the exhibition they will be returned to the artists. Each artist employs their own unique method to modify these pieces, so when these individual Trophies are placed together they embody masterpiece of collaboration. LICC hope that throughout years these Trophies will be exhibited at museum and galleries and become highly collectible.

2008, September - Legendary Artist GUSTAV METZGER visited ARINA’s MA Final Degree Show and has bought her painting ‘Wide Shut Yes-2’, 165x190 cm. Gustav Metzger and ARINA were talking about arts almost three hours, after their inspiring conversation the Master purchased ARINA’s painting. Gustav Metzger prefers to keep his painting at the ARINA’s studio in London.

Education (Related to the Arts)

2007 – 2008
MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London, UK 2006 – 2007
BA Fine Art (Painting) Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts, London, UK

2005 – 2006
Foundation Studies (Painting), Merit Certificate, Central Saint Martins College of Art and design, University of the Arts, London, UK

1985 – 1987
Art School (part-time), Fine Art, Distinction Certificate, Russia

1978 - 1980
Music College, Chorus Conductor

1970 - 1977
Music School, Russia


Essay by Peter Monkman MA, Director of Art Charterhouse and First Prize Winner of the BP Portrait Awards 2009 at the National Portrait Gallery, London

Recently within contemporary art there has been resurgence in using the portrait genre as a tool to explore concepts that reach beyond pure appearance and likeness. As an artist that uses portraiture, I am drawn to examine what it is that makes certain figurative artists compelling. ARINA’s faces stand out from the crowd with a graphic signature style that is memorable.

The compositions have a bold directness with the monochromes and reds creating a visual language that communicates across cultures. Her use of light, composition and pose has a sense of a 17 Century Dutch artists like Vermeer but the use of scale, tone and reference to realism bring it firmly into the 21 Century. The qualities of her art have hints of her Russian background within the context of Western influences.

On close inspection ARINA’s handling of paint is not of bold gestures but the quiet, slow build-up of tonal values which beautifully suggest the sensual surface of the skin and underlying bone structure. The lack of hair accentuates the features of the face with the folds of the head scarf contributing to the architecture of the head, creating an almost sculptural object. The repetition and slight variation of the compositions suggest film or photographic sequences and the flat red head scarf creates a colour-field that generates an interesting shifting pictorial space for the face to occupy.

ARINA uses herself as a vessel for her ideas; however, I would argue the paintings are not self-portraits. The likeness is striking and her expressions are beguiling; she occupies her face with the confidence of an actor trying to communicate to a broad audience. ARINA’s portraits are ambiguous, she does not reveal too much about herself but presents an icon of a woman that can be contemplated and interpreted in many ways; this is where her paintings’ strength.

ARINA’s Paintings - as Mysterious as Ethereal or Divine

Article by Pedro Boaventura, Art Galaxie Founder, Publisher, Writer, Artist

Born in the Article Circle, where she lived until the age of 4, a period in which she only witnessed 4 long nights and 4 long days, 6 months each. From there, she moved to a valley full of vibrant colors, where the world resembled a daydream, a new palette that contrasted with the tons of black and white to which she was used to.When she first saw the flowered fields for the very first time, it was an emotional and unforgettable moment – one that gave birth to her artistic side, she believes. However, her painting is essentially monochromatic, with the exception to the rule being the elements painted red.

When I see an ARINA’s painting, there is something that immediately catches the attention, something happens to time and space, it is as if they were compressed, or perhaps expanded. As if the world had stopped and so did time, as if the moment had been frozen by time, turning itself into a timeless one. The figure is somewhere between two worlds, in a calculated mishmash of tons and shapes which have no previous parallel in the canvas, nor in our intellect, turning the invisible into the visible.

The frozen glance materializes, at the same time, one and all the thoughts. Everything got reduced to its very essence, a world stripped of everything, of nothing, emptiness, the boundless nothingness, without frontiers, contours, a white in which one can see everything and almost nothing, as if it was the atmosphere of a distant glacial landscape. As mysterious as ethereal or divine.

A glance that holds the child’s curiosity and the wise man’s knowledge, the joy and the sadness, the doubt and the certainty, the equanimity and the concern, it has in it all of the paradoxical feelings tied together in a single expression that is as insecure as it is assertive. Evidently, that glance will not blink and will spend centuries without doing so. That glance stares at us without hesitations nor detours and we question ourselves about its luck. Even when the figure turns its back to us, we are still able to watch its glance, to feel its feelings and to predict its thoughts.

ARINA seems capable of breaking down the classics, reassembling them in a rather unique style, encompassing an approach that breathes freshness. The pronounced volume of the planes contrasts with the white mantle in the background. The detail and the minutiae are calculatedly shaped on a satin skin, on a silky anatomy. Under the skin one feel the voluptuousness, a volume, a movement, a harmony, muscles and bones belonging to the very same frame. The light slides, as if it was silk, through the contours of its face, as if it was on the wings of an angel. The shadows grow in a slow ballet, presenting shapes that are as beautiful as they are perfect.

A delicate, poetic, seductive and melancholic anatomy, entangled in a mixture of purity and maturity. There is something similar to a radiography, but one in which the soul is depicted instead. The features are mysterious and revealing. The sensual mouth in which one corner goes down and the other rises up. The question contained in one eye and the answer in the other.

The satin red outpours itself as if it was a layer of lava running on a grisaille canvas’s surface. The inanimate comes to life, sucking its energy from the soul of a monochromic being. The scarf tells a story that is as rich as the figure, sometimes overlapping the latter, others just sliding to other planes. It carries the emotions and the thoughts in every single wrinkle, with each contour encompassing all of them in a harmonious unity.

Artist Statement

My style can be described as Imaginative Realism or Hyper – Surrealism. It is quite a surreal combination of colours in my paintings (monochromatic face surrounded by the red fabric) as well as compositions - the images on my works are positioned in a surreal environment, in a middle of nowhere without any recognizable signs of any given time or place, or any other particular characteristics. Anything can be imagined behind the images on my paintings, any centuries, countries (real or surreal), any eye, or skin or hair colours or no hair at all. The monochrome palette helps me to bring certain anonymity to the image.

My paintings are full of symbols helping me to convey my philosophy into my work. I would like to consider my work as not a traditional portraiture, but rather a performance of movements of the human spirit where I ‘use’ my own face the way any actress does, performing emotions and human’s spirit conditions; and then, as an artist, I transform this performance into the images on canvas.

The colour red in my works has, from my very childhood, a deep meaning for me. In Russian language, particularly in folk’s fairy tales, the word ‘red’ has an equal meaning to the word ‘beautiful’. One of the best known Russian writers Fyodor Dostoevsky said ‘Beauty will save the World', so I believe that in my works I transform my perception of the ‘red’ as ‘beautiful’ into a symbol of ‘saving the world’. Also, according to Tibetan philosophy, the colour red is a symbol of connection with the Universe, with everyone and everything at all levels of the entire world.

My belief is that a purpose of art is to keep the world in balance and harmony. It’s an honour, but also a huge responsibility to be an artist, and all the artists are responsible for what we are bringing to the world within our creativity, for every single brush stroke we produce. I believe that images and objects created with passion can take an immense power, a powerful energy that can alter one’s mental state and even transform reality. We all create the world around us, and the more positive and beautiful art objects created today, the better will be the world to live in tomorrow.

Beauty will Save the World and Art is this powerful tool to bring the Beauty to the World - to Save it.