Galina Ivanova


Galina Ivanova was born on January3, 1984, in Minsk, Belarus.
2001 graduated from College-Gymnasium of Art, Minsk, Belarus.
2008 graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Decorative and Applied Arts Department.
2013 became a member of Belarusian Union of Artists youth section

  • Exhibitions

    1995 Exhibition of Ivanov's family, Belarusian National History Museum, Minsk, Belarus
    2000 Joint exhibition "The path to the God" The Gallery "Alla Pavlova", Dordrecht, Netherlands
    2004 "Family jewels" Belarusian National History Museum, Minsk, Belarus
    2004 The Republican Youth Exhibition" Journey-2004, Minsk, Belarus 2006"Sounds of music". European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania
    2008 "Christmas Carol Fest". The Republican Art Gallery of BUA, Minsk, Belarus
    2009 "BABYBooM" The Gallery "University of Culture", Minsk, Belarus
    2010 The Grand Opening of Nocliche, Canada, Edmonton 2011 " Christmas Carol Fest" The Republican Art Gallery of BUA, Minsk, Belarus
    2011 "Teen-2011" The Republican Art Gallery of BUA, Minsk, Belarus.
    2011 The Exhibition "Rainbow Bridge".Germany. Castle in a city of Vad Vurtsakh.
    2012 "Teen-2012" The Republican Art Gallery of BUA, ?. Minsk 2013 The Republican Exhibition "Another reality" The National Library of Belarus, Minsk
    2013 The Exhibition "Rainbow Bridge". Sweden. Stockholm
    2013 "From ride to ride". The Republican Art Gallery of BUA The author's works are in private collections in Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Sweden.


"Concept of my paintings is symbolical reading of reality. Through my creations I try to find my way into irreal, magic, mysterious world which coexist with our world. I want to open a small door, have a look into a keyhole and see as little Alice, the heroine created by the writer Lewis Carroll, one day have seen a fairyland. The fairyland where angels and cats drink tea, and funny little men catch stars with butterfly net, where the moon and the sun can meet each other in the sky in the daylight and a unicorn wander along the meadows with different patterns and flowers scattered on i, where the whole city and trees fit in a teapot, and on the lip of a cup a horse travels, all are extremely happy and joyful there. May be it is an Utopia but I am eager to know and believe that such a world exists and at the wish one can see it. And my paintings are small doors and windows into a marvelous land where our dreams and ideas being intertwined merge into one big magic story!"