Iryna Yermolova


Mix colours and I am pleased with them. Faces, ideas, untold phrases, undispatched letters, dreams, my happiness, grief, tenderness, loneliness, hope, belief and love - they are all on my canvases. Confused in doubts, I float in travel, I try to find answers, I draw and
I breathe!
I love bright, open, juicy colours. My inspiration is the love around me... - my husbands cuddle, morning sun ray on my pillow, my son's ticklish feet, his laugh...
I've received two absolutely polar educations - graphic-designer and economist. For a long time I was engaged in art, but that was computer art. Painting has entered into my life recently... and has changed a lot in me and my outlook. My canvases, as silent witnesses, accept everything that's not possible to transmit by words.
I want to say a big thank you to my family and friends for their support and to all those who are interested in art.
I was born in Ukraine. Since 2005 I have lived in England.

  • Exhibitions

    2017 May 12th - 14th May Fresh Art Fair, Stand 45, Paragon Gallery
    2017 Apri l7th April - 1st May Painted Colour Exhibirtion, Bath Contemporary Gallery, UK
    2017 Feb The Russian Evolution 2017 Joint Exhibition Paragon Gallery, UK
    2016 Dec 6th Dec. Winter Show. Sevenoaks, London, UK
    2016 Nov 30 November - 11 December Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition Mall Galleries, London
    2016 Oct 17th September - 6th October Personal exhibition, Claremont Contemporary Gallery
    2016 Sept 15th August - 3rd September Bath Contemporary Gallery Featured Artists: Iryna Yermolova & Melissa Kiernan
    2016 Feb 19Feb- 12Mar Joint Exhibition 'The Russian Evolution 2016', Paragon Gallery, UK
    2015 Dec 4 Dec - 23 Jan Winter Show 2015, Bath Contemporary Gallery, Bath, UK
    2015 Dec Joint exhibition, Claremont Art Gallery,Sevenoaks, Kent, UK
    2015 Dec 2-3 December The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall galleries, London
    2015 March Batthersea AAF, London (Bath Contemporary Gallery stand)
    2014 Dec ROI exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
    2014 Sept 5th September - 4th October 2014 'Embrace' Personal Exhibition. Bath Contemporary Gallery, UK
    2014 June 12-15 June Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. Bath Contemporary Gallery Stand
    2014 May 30th May - 2nd June Untitled Artists Fair. Stand 36. Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London.
    2014 March 27th March 'Spring Fever', exhibition of emerging artists from Saatchi Art. Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill, London, UK
    2014 Feb 7th -16th Feb The Russian Evolution Exhibition. Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham, UK
    2013 Dec 11 - 21 Dec Mall Galleries, London, UK. The Royal Institute Of Oil Painters. 126th Annual Exhibition
    2013 Nov Selected paintings at Claremont Antiques & Modern Art Gallery, Kent, UK
    2013 Oct Selected paintings at Gagliardi Gallery, London, UK
    2013 Sept 7th - 14th September Chianciano Biennale, Museo d'Arte di Chianciano Terme, Tuscany, Italy
    2013 June "Pushing the Boundaries" Joint Exhibition. 6th June - 6th July. Bath Contemporary Art Gallery, UK
    2013 April Exhibition of selected paintings at Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham, UK
    2013 March 'Cherchez la Femme' Personal exhibition. 9th - 30th March 2013 Bath Contemporary Art Gallery, Bath, UK
    2012 Nov 1st Nov - 29th Dec Personal exhibition at The Engine Room, Poundbury Gardens, Dorchester, Dorset, UK
    2012 Aug 6th - 12th August Personal Exhibition. Abbotsbury Village Hall, Dorset, UK
    2012 May Joint Exhibition at Bath Contemporary Gallery, Bath, UK
    2011 Dec 15th December, 6pm to 9pm Art Event Evening. Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1.
    2011 Nov 28th Nov 11 - 10th Jan 12 The Engine Room, Poundbury Gardens, Dorchester, Dorset, UK
    2011 July 30th June - 18th July Maurine collection at The Full Gamut Art Gallery, Weymouth, Dorset, UK
    2011 June June 20th - Aug 20th The Engine Room, Poundbury Gardens, Dorchester, Dorset, UK
    2011 June 15th June - 1st September Selected paintings exhibition at Fuggles Open Studio & Gallery, Mangerton Mill nr Bridport, Dorset, UK
    2011 May 28th May - 5th June Abbotsbury Village Hall, Dorset, UK. Joint art exhibition
    2010 Oct 15-21 Oct 2010 Red Gate Gallery, London, Personal exhibition
    2010 June From 6th June Graham V Bandy Gallery, Abbotsbury, Dorset, UK
    2010 May 29th May - 5th June Abbotsbury Village Hall, Dorset, UK. Joint art exhibition
    2009 Dec Nov 6th - Dec 23rd Poundbury Gardens restaurant, Dorchester, Dorset, UK
    2009 June Graham V Bandy Gallery, Abbotsbury, Dorset, United Kingdom
    2008 May Dorset Art Weeks 2008, United Kingdom
    2007 Nov Joint Art Exhibition, Upwey village hall, Weymouth, United Kingdom
    2007 June Second Russian Dorset Exhibition, Abbotsbury village hall, Dorset, United Kingdom
    2006 Sept 'Russian Dorset Exhibition', Upwey village hall, Weymouth, United Kingdom
    2006 May Dorset Art Weeks, United Kingdom